Our goofy paper bag head mascot might leave your scratching your non-bagged head. It’s weird. We know. But Ugly Kid Clothing is all about being weird and embracing your weird. We went without a mascot for the first six or seven years in business, and it always felt like something was missing. So when a friend of ours suggested his sketch of a person with a paper bag on his head, we took it and ran with it. “This is genius,” we thought. The paper bag is like an invisibility cloak. Looks don’t matter and it’s all about your presence. With that silly grin and the bulgy eyes on the paper bag head, even doing the most mundane tasks make it look like you’re having a hell of a time doing it. The paper bag is a symbol that you can achieve your goals without having to worry about looks or insecurities. Hope we cleared that up for you!

-Ugly Kid