10 years ago at the forefront of the “anti-bullying” movement, Ugly Kid Clothing was created by a few friends in high school. We were not in a band or a part of a sports team, just a few individuals that wanted to create something of our own. The initial goal was to move away from the “Revolt/ Rise against” message that most companies appeared to be sending, and push our own “Rise Above/ Do Something Awesome for Someone” message.

Who we are

From that moment on, we were consumed with the “Ugly Kid” lifestyle brand. We knew that we had created something that the world could relate to and everyone would want to be a part of it!  We wanted to spread the word in any way that we could. Stickers, hats, shirts, pretty much anything that we could put the name on we did.  The idea of pushing positivity and forward progress spread like wildfire. Finally we had something that we could be a part of, and everyone wanted to be a part of it with us.

What we do

“It aint easy being UGLY”  This is one of our core mottos. In more broad terms, it’s not easy being different! Like most people in the world, we were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth or with the advantages of having model type looks. Growing up “Ugly” or “different” isn’t easy. Not only do we have to go through the same growing pains as the “privileged,” but we also have dealt with an onslaught of negativity throughout our life’s journey.  Instead of letting any of that bring us down or feel the need to “Rise Against,” we just work as hard as possible for as long as possible. We might have to work twice as hard, but there is twice the reward when you look back on the journey! Someone somewhere is always going to try and bring you down, say that you can’t, you’re not smart enough, too small, or just don’t have the talent. Well mouth’s say anything, so we learned to “adapt and overcome!

Our Philosophy

We decided to take something that people see as “Not cool” and make it bad ass!  That’s the whole idea behind Ugly Kid Clothing. When we were kids we hated being called “UGLY,” and now it’s welcomed, appreciated, and viewed as a compliment. We quickly realized that the phrase “Nobody Likes Us!” could be taken as a negative. But not us. We ran like a bat out of hell with that idea, threw it on a shirt and we were getting compliments immediately!  People are fascinated that we have the guts to stand up for ourselves, say that we’re here for good and refuse to be held down. We take their biggest insults and wear it on our backs every day.





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